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Arizona limo and Arizona limousine service provided by NY 54 Limousine. We are the premier limo transportation company in the Valley. We provide Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Phoenix and Scottsdale limo and limousine airport transportation and special event transportation. Our limos are luxurious, loaded with all best options and comforts, and most of all affordable. Learn more about what we have to offer.


Our Arizona limousine service offers limos Valley Wide. Here you'll find:

• Chandler limousine service
Scottsdale limousine service
• Hummer, Ford, Lincoln, and Cadillac models
• Hummer H2 limos
• Transportation to special events and weddings
• Professional and courteous drivers
• Sky Harbor Airport and Deer Valley airport transportation
• Servicing Scottsdale Corporate Airport

At NY 54, we are the choice for discerning consumers seeking airport transportation of the most luxurious kind. Come see why we're the valley's first name in limos.

Choose NY 54 as your Arizona Limousine service. We offer Scottsdale limos and Chandler limousines that can be employed for special events as well as airport transportation. Travel in the most luxurious surroundings imaginable in one of our amazing limos.

Our Arizona limousine service offers consumers the opportunity to ride in the lap of luxury. We offer both Chandler limousine service and Phoenix limousine service and a host of great choices including Lincoln, Cadillac, Ford, and Hummer limousines. NY 54 is proud to serve the following cities:

• Phoenix
• Scottsdale
• Tempe
• Mesa
• Chandler
• Glendale
• Fountain Hills

We have proudly been servicing the Scottsdale, Phoenix and New York City areas for nearly a deecade. If you're in NY and need a party bus or in need or a limo service be sure to contact us thorugh our NYC website We have a full range of limos including Hummers, Escalades, Lincolns, Convertables and more. When it comes to party busses we have sizes thataccomodate 20 passengers all the way up to 50 passengers. All party busses are equipped with leather upholstery, sound systems and LED screens. 
Our airport service services all NY and NJ areas airports, 7 days a week, including JFK, LGA, EWR, TWB and others. 
You can call our NYC office anytime on 347-309-5568.


BLOG - Phoenix and Scottsdale Local Limo Stories

Date: July 2020
Author: Jill Smyth

3 of the Best Roofing Materials for Arizona Houses - and what that has to do with a great limo experience...?

Arizona is a great place to live in, and it is a warm place with nice weather. Arizona is a laid back state with plenty of sunshine, and it has many natural beauties that encourage outdoor activities. But did you know that winters in Arizona can be beautiful as well? It's a perfect place to stay if your one of those people who hate chilly winters and hot summers. All these temperature changes pose challenges to residential as well as commercial house and building owners. Ever-changing weather in Arizona poses a great challenge for the people. 

What types of Roofing Can Protect You the Most?

Knowing what type of roofing can protect you in the most from Arizona's temperature shift is essential.  It would be best if you were smart in choosing the right material that can protect you in the harsh weather in Arizona, start by searching first what is the right material that can provide you with hot and cold weathers and their durability. Below are some of the roofing materials provided with their brief description:

Foam roofing insulation provides various benefits - especially in hot, dry climates.
Installers apply this polyurethane foam-made in liquid form. It is best to apply it during sunny weather as it easily dries up, and when it does, the single sheath covers the whole roof of the house. The biggest benefit of foam roofing is that you cannot see any seam, which means no rainwater can get into the house and damage the attic and walls.

Foam roofing material is extremely durable, lightweight, and very dependable.  Foam offers unique waterproofing qualities, and it's very effective in absorbing moisture. 

Single roofing is very dependable and can last longer than any kind of roofing. Contractors and architects recommend shingle roofing because of its various designs and patterns that help make the roof of your house appealing. There is no other type of roofing that has more choices than the shingle roofs.

This type of roofing is best to use for steep-slope systems making it ideal to use in Arizona. Shingles are durable enough to withstand all weather conditions and don't need much effort and time to maintain.

Many house owners in Arizona have also used tile roofing because of its high-quality, timeless appearance that homeowners and architects alike. It is affordable yet extremely durable. 

Look there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a tile that looks great on your particlar home and gives you the protection your house and vehicles need from the stinging Arizona sun. And if you are looking for a local recommendation then we can certainly vouce for the team at Scottsdale roofing Specialists, they put the roof on my house and that of my sons. He got a really attarctive Shingle roof for his carport when he added an extension to his home.

This type comes with various types, so if you're planning to get one, below are the ones you should consider 

•Clay roof tiles, this kind of roofing is sturdy and strong.

• Metal roofing is very durable, but its downside is it's heavy and or not ideal for small houses 

•Spanish Style roof tiles add to the look of your house as it gives more ancient roam appearance to a house  

•Asphalt roof tiles are popular because it is long-lasting, inexpensive, and waterproof.

So now that we have that sorted...what’s the best limo car for the dry, hot arizona desert?

You're probably wondering what does roofing and limo service have to do with one another? Good question. 

More than you might think. 

A good roof provides the right protection to a limo car when its parked and off duty. That’s why we at NY Limo think getting the right roof for our home is important, because it keeps our cars clean, fade-free and the leather stay in top top shape for much longer because we protect the cars from the sunny days when we are not driving. 

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