NY 54 Jet Charter Services

Arizona's Leading Luxury Company

Some people are born into luxury; some people strive to reach it; the clients of NY 54 always receive it. NY 54 is Arizona's leading luxury company that offers everything from limousine services to aircraft charter. If you are seeking the perfect company to accommodate your transportation needs, look no further than the luxury experts at NY 54.

A Popular Service for High-Profile Clients

Keeping You Satisfied

Undeniable Flexibility and Convenience

NY 54 is the nation's most reliable aircraft charter company, providing the type of luxury and flexibility that is expected from our high-profile clients. Private jet charter services are becoming more and more popular and have become one of our most requested services. We offer private jets, turbo props, and helicopters so you can easily get to wherever you desire in any type of aircraft charter. Take a trip to any one of our 10,000 locations nationwide!

The flexibility of private jet charter is undeniable. You can often schedule your trip as little as four hours in advance and even change your plans mid-flight. You decide what passengers come along, when we depart, and when we arrive. You do the planning; we take care of everything else. The convenience of NY 54's aircraft charter is desired by many of the world's leading professionals, and it's easy to see why.

Our onboard staff will make sure you are completely comfortable during your flight.   Your privacy is respected and we will listen closely to your every desire to ensure your experience is nothing but extravagant.  You can rest, have a meeting, or converse with friends during your rapid trip without the hassle you typically encounter during commercial flights.

NY 54 does not own or operate aircraft. All flights are arranged through a network of qualified FAA Certified Part 135 licensed independent air carriers. Carriers providing service for NY 54 must meet both FAA safety requirements and additional NY 54 safety standards.

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